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Let's talk ONLINE ! #stayathome while learning English!

Hi! I am Maria Gutierrez founder of MALABAR STUDIO, we are enduring difficult times around the globe, so we hope you are all at home and staying healthy.

They say that in desperate times, desperate measures, but I personally believe that this are also times for self-reflexion and to create something positive when everything seems not going as planned. We are able to make the right decisions now facing very uncertain times.

My way of helping with this pandemia is to keep learning, to keep a purpose, to be patient and for that we are NOW offering ONLINE services so you can keep learning or practicing ENGLISH!

You need to be:

1. Older than 18 years old

2. Have a basic knowledge of English


I am offering personal 1 hour ONLINE classes made to suit your specific needs.

The cost is only €15 Euros an hour.

What do I offer:



Preparing you an exam

Help with homework

Be ready to present in public

Help with your english speaking clients


I want to make it easy for you, just contact me, we talk ( in English or Spanish) and together we decide what custom program or classes you need! Any time form the comfort of your home.

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