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I remember the day when the thought of going to the moon, was a dream! Today in celebration of Women, I can't say enough how much we have conquer, har far we've gone, what endless possibilities we women have the right off today! And by having the "right" I mean we can do, pretty much everything! My message today is simple: "Let's stick together", let's support each other as much as we can, whenever needed. This is how we will always win.

We are women everyday and every hour of the day, let's don't forget that. We don't need a special day to remind us, the work we put in, the passion we pour on all things we do, act and say.

As a founder of MALABAR STUDIO, from woman to women, we want to support you, we want to embrace your knowledge and multiple your wisdom. We want you to feel and act with confidence, to be resilient.

If you are looking for a space where you can develop more abilities, to be yourself, to laugh, to play and to learn with purpose we are here for you!

And in addition to this new you, a better you, a wonderful you, a more creative version of yourself, learning or improving how you can or will communicate in English, I'd say it's a no brainer.

We offer special rates to all women! ALL! We are looking for you!

Our Girls Squad membership is for all of you girls form 16-22 years old that have been looking for a space to be with your friends, have fun, unlock your creativity while you learn English, we are not an English Academy, we are a creative studio to help you discover what is out there for you today and tomorrow.

We encourage women at work, at home, in between jobs or in between babies, of all ages to join us!

You can simply contact us and book a free demo, is that easy.

Bring your girlfriends, your co-workers or your mom, you daughter. We together need to be prepared for the changing and revolving universe ahead of us. We have to geared up! have the tools and the skills to conquer more and more!


Maria Gutierrez, Founder

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