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Members Expectations

Confidence can be developed! Join the super heroes team!

From the principle of inquiry to spark and challenge you, to the commitment to implement ideas and find real-life scenarios, we help you focus with a wide range of possibilities and concepts to define your needs and goals.

English as a Gateway for children, young adults and parents

Overcoming stress/ anxiety shyness/lack of confidence while learning to become creative thinkers a skill that will set them up for success as you learn English in a fun way beyond the traditional methods. “Use it or lose it” is to absorb, remember, retrieve and connect the dots to the real world.

Women Executives

Overcome anxiety/shyness-unlock the inner you- using creative techniques to improve your relationships at work, give presentations with confidence and prepare for the next challenge.


Take your company to the next level: improve teamwork, communication and productivity through time-tested methods that unlock creativity/ and out of the box thinking while strengthening the bonds of trust from clients to coworkers.

Maria Gutierrez| Founder| Malabar Studio

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