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Why Workshops and not classes?

We conduct our learning experience through what we like to call “Workshops.”

Why workshop and not classes or lessons? Each member will experience in a unique way the power of the brain and hands-on connection that unlocks creativity.

Having our members build or act out their ideas, thoughts, stand points or even understandings communicates information that is not only important for them as much as anyone around the table develop friendships, relationships and their understanding of a language or to overcome any challenge. But to building confidence, rapport and inclusion.

Our methodology relies on 3D experiences using tools such as LEGO® bricks.

At our Studio everyone has a voice, everyone is heard! No more lonely guys!

Our workshops are engineered to be dynamic, appropriately paced, and with a sense of fun. Leading to engaging in story making, communication, pronunciation, re-enactment, and participation, real-time feedback, and validation.

The principles are to provide our members with multiple means of representation, expression, and continuous discovery.

The objective is to deliver structured and effective workshops every time. By offering participants real time experiences and active learning with multiple styles and new ideas which leads to a collaborative and corporate acquisition of knowledge.

Where each workshop aligns with the eight key step DCTL® Deliberate Creative Thinking and Learning method:

Eight step process
DCTL® Process

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